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Myths: Mental retardation is a disease.

Facts: Mental retardation is a condition, not a disease.


Myths: If normal children are allowed to play with mentally retarded children, they will become mentally retarded.

Facts: Interaction between normal and mentally retarded children will definitely be advantageous for both, because mentally retarded children will improve their social skills and other children will understand them better.


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Q.   What should I do when my child refuses to go to the time-out area?

A..   This is aggressive research in action. Give your child a choice. Tell him he can go to his room on his own or you will take him back there for twice the time. Give him twenty to thirty seconds to think it over. If he doesn’t budge, usher or carry him back there for twice the time. Your child will quickly figure out the advantages of going to his room unassisted


Q.   What should I do when my children leave the time-out area before the timer goes off?

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ome children tend to associate food with TV and many times refuse to eat without the TV. This leads to serious behavioural issues and mealtime tensions. Not only that children who eat only in front of the screen ...

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When it comes to preparing for the birth of a new child, we are keen to organise the nursery and prepare meals to freeze before the big day. Yet it seems strange that preparation for the actual event, which is more monumental than any other in the life of a woman, is often forgotten....

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Adding more fat to diet will increase calories without adding bulk....


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