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Milk protein allergy is an immune reaction that develops to the protein fractions in the milk. Cow milk protein is a leading cause of food allergy in the children below 3 years of age.

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Diarrhoeal disease is the second leading cause of death in children under five years old and is responsible for killing around 760,000 children every year. Diarrhoea can last several days and can leave the body without the water and salts that are necessary for survival.

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Exercise 1: Place your index finger about 12 inches away from your child’s eyes, gently ask her to gaze at the tip of your finger for 5-10 seconds. Now gradually and slowly move your finger closer and closer to her eyes. Practice this for 3-4 minutes, a few times a day. Afterwards, ask her to blink or squeeze her eyes shut to relax them.


Exercise 2: When you are outside, make your child practice looking at something very close, then gradually move her focus further and further away. Make her practice this for 30 seconds or so at a time whenever she is outside.


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Tell your child “its dinner time let’s go to the dining table”.

Instruct him to wash his hands before every meal or snacks.

Make your child sit properly on his chair. Instruct him to sit back and not hunch over his plate with wrist and forearm can rest on the table or he can place his hand on his lap.

Make sure the child does not keep his bag or toy on the table.

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“Don’t take candy from strangers” is an admonition millions of parents of pre-schoolers dish out to their young ones every time they venture from home without them. The warning is a valid one...


Good, nice to talk to the counsellor and I can understand her.

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