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Include the following....

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For most kids, occasional grinding causes no problems and they overgrow the habit. But if your child’s grinding is persistent then you should see your health care provider.

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Motivation, nuturing enviroment, balanced diet....

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Expect Some Steps Forward....

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Look for cereals that state in the Nutrition Facts label....


Great Session. Many Thanks! (Mrs. Rennie Dutta)

Informative & Good Session. Felt good sharing experience and views.(Mrs. Ruksana Sheriff)

A postive session! Good suggestions, guidelines given. (Dr. Shaheen Yusuf)

A good & informative session. (Mr. Dhinakar)

Need of the hour. Thank You, Pebbles n Pearls! (Mr Pankanj Sharma)

Session was very informative, thank you doctor for making me a part of this session. (Mrs.Sonia Sharma)

It was a great session and helped me to differentiate my "already doing" kinda activities & " to be doing" kinda activities. Thanks a lot. (Mr.Karthik Kumar)



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