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Numerous studies have claimed that eating together can be highly beneficial for family structure and well-being. Many communication skills can be enhanced.....

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Do you ever wind up at a website and then, looking left and right in confusion, ask yourself, “What am I doing here?” Yes, your brain has crashed. Thank you, electronic media.

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We talk a lot about food habits when we talk about childhood obesity. We spend less time talking about physical activity, but it's very important. The data show that children who meet physical activity guidelines are less likely to be obese, and a pattern of activity started in youth persists into adulthood......

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Sometimes children and teenagers, like adults, can benefit from therapy. Therapy can help them develop problem-solving skills and also teach them the value of seeking help. Therapists can help them and their families cope with stress and a variety of emotional and behavioral issues.


Signs that your child may benefit from seeing a psychologist/counsellor or licensed therapist:


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Facilitate the toddler’s internal regulation of eating according to hunger and fullness by following the following tips....


It was a good session to share queries and to recieve suggestions pertaining to issues on parenting. (Mr & Mrs Christo Nelson)

Thanks for the wonderful session. It was good to know more about our role to be better parents. (Mr & Mrs Jayakrishna Mani)

Session was excellent, with everyone sharing their children's activities. We can learn so much from other children/parents and apply the same to our own children. (Mrs. Prabhavathy)

This session helped me to understand how I should spend time with my child in an effective way. I recieved useful tips as to how I can make my baby a happy child. Thanks! (Mrs Sumiya)

The forum was very interactive. Many of my queries and concerns were answered. I liked the panels of counsellors and expertrs, who were very knowledgeble and approacable. a very positive experience. Thank You! (Mrs. Kanthi Kiran)

Session was very interactive and fruitful. The panel of experts were very co-operative. (Mr & Mrs. Patra)


Feedback from the Open Forum for Parents(13th December 2014)

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