1st New Born Well Visit

Even babies who are perfectly healthy visit the health care provider a lot. That’s because the first two years are a crucial time in baby’s growth and development, and the pediatrician will want to keep close tabs on your baby’s progress. 


The First Office Visit


During the first office visit, your doctor will assess your baby in a variety of ways; which includes:

Measurement of weight, length and head circumference to assess how your baby's been doing since birth. Observation and screening of your newborn's vision, hearing, and reflexes. A total physical examination to check for any abnormalities of the body or organ function.

Questions about how you are doing with the new baby and how your baby is feeding and sleeping.

A discussion of your home environment and how it might affect your baby's health (for example, smoking in the house can negatively affect your baby's health in many ways).

Also, if the results of screening tests performed on your newborn after birth if available, the doctor may discuss with you. Bring any questions or concerns to the doctor at this time. Jot down any specific instructions given regarding special baby care. 


Will also include vaccination and lactation counselling.


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