Anemia Screening

Anemia is a major nutritional global problem of immense public health significance, affecting persons of all ages, sex and economic group. It is ranked as the commonest chronic malady of mankind. Nutritional anemia has major consequences not only on the morbidity and mortality in children but also affects growth and intellectual development of these children (poor cognitive/ motor development and behavioral problems).


Iron deficiency anemia in children occurs most frequently between the age of 6 months to 3 years and 11 to 17 years. Over 75% of the children below 3 years are anemic with mild to moderate anemia


Get screening done at the following age groups:


  • 9 - 12 Months
  • Between 15 and 18 Months
  • Preschool
  • Adolescents


Screening includes:


  • Clinical Assessment.
  • Lab Investigations.


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