Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Therapy for Children with Social / Motor / Verbal Behavioural Issues

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy helps children to develop social, motor and verbal behaviours as well as reasoning skills. Especially useful in teaching behaviours to children with Autism who may otherwise not "pick up" these behaviours on their own as other children would. ABA uses careful behavioural observations and positive reinforcement or prompting to teach each step of behaviour. A child’s behaviour is reinforced with a reward when he or she performs each of the steps correctly. Undesirable behaviours, or those that interfere with learning and social skills, are watched closely.


The goal is to determine what happens to trigger a behavior, and what happens after that behavior that seems to reinforce the behavior. The idea is to remove these triggers and re-enforcers from the child’s environment. New re-enforcers are then used to teach the child a different behavior in response to the same trigger.


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