Asthma Screening

Asthma morbidity and mortality are largely preventable with optimal diagnosis and treatment as well as improved patient education. Asthma begins in 80% of children by 6 years of age and 95% of children by age 9, yet under-diagnosis is common. This under-diagnosis is problematic because it results in therapy delay, which can increase morbidity and mortality. Asthma screening in school-age children provides an ideal opportunity for early detection and implementation of preventive and therapeutic interventions.


A multi-stage screening procedure:


  • Symptoms questionnaire: Filled by parents and then symptoms scored by the Healthcare Provider.
  • Spirometry: This test is provided for children whose scores fall in the previously diagnosed and suspected undiagnosed asthma categories (after obtaining consent from parents).
  • Exercise challenge/Step test: The children who fair well with the above test but still are suspected to have symptoms suggestive of asthma will undergo this test.


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