Back to School Comprehensive Check-up

Various studies have shown the close link between academical / school performances to the overall health of the child. Hence we, at Pebbles n Pearls offer a comprehensive check-up for school children before they start the new academic year.


Our Comprehensive Check-ups includes...


Detailed Health History, Physical Examination, Growth and Development Assessment, General and Sports Fitness Evaluation, Nutrition and Diet Evaluation, Haemoglobin and Urine Test, Blood Pressure Check, Vision Screening, Hearing Test and Review of Vaccination Records.


A Child is a Gift: A Healthy Child is your Choice


Anticipating potential dangers and taking simple measures will go a long way towards preventing suffering and providing a safe environment for your little ones


At Pebbles n Pearls, we are devoted to providing personalised care and expert supervision using state-of-art health care technology.


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