Child Psychologist

Child Psychology involves assessing and addressing the mental, cognitive and social wellbeing of a child by using age appropriate norms as well as detailed analysis of the issue at hand and how the family is dealing with it. The psychologist also counsel children for mental, emotional or behavioral concerns. They also help children adjust to family issues, cope with learning differences or problems with peers, and overcome substance abuse. They also define behavior patterns and design a treatment program for the same along with other therapists.


They are also involved in assessing and addressing learning needs and adjustment issues in school-going children. This includes evaluating a child to determine their learning disability and learning potential which will in turn help the family make decisions regarding schooling.


Dr Babita Gupta (Consultant Psychologist, Psychotherapist)

With a PHD in Psychology, she specialises in Child and Adolescence problems, Psychometric assessment of all kinds, Psychotherapeutic intervention individual & family (for child & adolescent mental health), Stress management, depression, anxiety, fear & phobia, adjustment disorder, Autism training and Aptitude testing and career guidance. Armed with 10 years of training/clinical experience and is currently working as a visiting psychologist. She is also a registered professional with the Rehabilitation Council of India.  


Ms. Chandra Kumary S.D. (Clinical Psychologist)

With 2 years of experience in administering psychological assessments appropriate to diagnosis. Skilled in administering informal assessment to give Psycho-educational evaluation of a child with academic issues and formation of Individualized Educational Plan (IEP).  Trained in designing psychotherapeutic interventions. Worked closely with parents and teachers to implement consistent behaviour therapy techniques at home and school. Conducted therapeutic individual and family therapy sessions.

Child cases - Autism, Learning Disability, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, children with emotional problem, phobia, School refusal, Social Anxiety, relationship problems, stress, low self-esteem, low motivational level, depression and adjustment disorder.

Adult cases - Depression, Anxiety, Phobia, personality disorders, alcohol and drug addiction, low-self esteem and motivation, hypersomnia or insomnia and relationship problems. Also deals with parental counselling.



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