Counselling provides a private place, separate from your daily life, where you can explore issues or feelings which are causing you difficulty. It is a way of addressing problems by talking them through.


A Counsellor will:


  • listen carefully to what you have to say
  • enable you to express your feelings
  • help you to explore and understand your difficulties


Parents are a vital part of a child or teen’s life. The parent-child relationship is essential to a child or teen’s self esteem and confidence for future success. At times parents may wish to obtain counselling to work through the emotional ups and downs that can come with parenting, particularly during a difficult time for your child or family.


Child Centered Counselling involves one-to-one counselling to children aged 2-12 years of age experiencing a variety of difficulties. While adults communicate their needs through words in therapy, children often communicate their challenges and needs through play. Counselling is therefore play based.


Teen counselling is one-to-one involving a combination of talk and expressive means to help teens understand their struggles and develop new ways to cope with challenges.


Your initial visit will generally be an interview session. This allows you and your counsellor to develop an understanding of you and your child's needs. Following your initial interview, the process of intervention will be discussed which may include one or more of the following:


  • Parent support and education through small group workshops
  • Individual child counselling
  • Individual parent counselling
  • A combination of the above



Working with parents is certainly part of the therapeutic process when counselling children. We recommend seeing the parents every four to six weeks, if we are seeing the child individually, to educate about the therapy process. 






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