Creative thinking: How can Parents sow the seeds?

The seeds of creative thinking can be sown in a child’s mind at an early age. Children are “natural” creative thinkers as they have free thinking minds that are always bubbling with innovative ideas. They have not yet developed the ability of censoring their thoughts with notions of “possible” or “impossible” or “correct” or “incorrect”.


  • Parents should encourage their creative ability and allow active but safe exploration of the world. Parents can encourage their 3 year old to create a new story or dramatize a story or give a different ending to classics or folk tales.
  • They can ask their child to discover new uses of simple things like a pencil can become a rocket in a story or an empty bowl can become a hat or a ball can become earth and a smaller ball, the moon. Pretend play between the age of 2 and 4 years also enhances creativity and social skills.
  • Parents should allow the child to play “house” or “kitchen” or “doctor” and even join in the play when asked to.
  • Parents and teachers should try to give simple and lucid answers to their constant barrage of questions like “why does it rain?” or “why does the sun rise?”




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