Eating Disorder Program

Eating Disorders in Infants, Toddlers and Young Children (0 to 6 years old)


  • Mealtimes are unpleasant
  • You are stressed with feeding your child
  • Your child has suddenly stopped eating
  • Your child often coughs, gags or vomits before, during or after meals
  • Your child’s feeding is inappropriate for his/her age
  • Your child is not gaining weight/has lost weight recently
  • Your child refuses to try new food/is a picky eater


The Program for Eating Disorder consist of: 


1st Session: inclusive of interview, questionnaires, assessment.

2nd Session: inclusive of complete discussion, information handouts will be given and counseling will be done.

Follow-up Sessions: monthly once for 2 months.

Investigations required will be according to individual requirement and will be charged accordingly.



If you are facing any of the above mentioned problems at mealtime, kindly contact us @ (080) 411 54 816




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