Fun Activities for your Toddlers and Pre-schoolers

Fine motor skills require the movement of small muscles, usually in coordination with the eyes. They include activities related to hand-eye and foot-eye coordination, the ability of the eyes to focus on an object and the adroitness to manipulate fingers to write properly and neatly. Fine motor skills generally start developing in infancy, right from the first month, when your baby tries to grip your finger, but three to five years is the crucial age for the development of pre-writing skills.


  • Give him a lot of water time and activities. An eye-dropper, a medicine dropper or even an ink dropper can double up as a squirt toy for your child and is excellent for working his thumb and forefinger muscles similarly, small-sized spray bottles-your child’s small ‘pichkaris’ will do-can be fun and used for spraying water for cleaning the mirror or other pieces of furniture. Mixing food colour with the water in these bottles can make them useful for spray painting, which can also be done using a tooth-brush, in the traditional way.
  • If you have a pair of small tongs put them in those tiny hands to pick up small objects and even food items which can be gripped easily. Place coins and big buttons in a plate and ask your child to pick up the blue button or the smallest coin.
  • You can also provide sheets of newspaper for crumpling, tearing or cutting thin strips with child –friendly scissors.
  • The Daily grind: It’s best to let your child perform his daily activities on his own. Eating his food with a fork and a spoon or even with his hands is one of the best activities for developing fine motor skills.
  • Actions which require the twisting of the wrist and the use of fingers should be encouraged. Also songs like ‘itsy bitsy spider’ ‘pat-a-cake’, ‘when you’re happy and you know... ‘and ‘hot cross buns’ are great for moving fine muscles and foot-eye coordination.
  • Toddlers love to colours. Get your tot all sorts of colours that are convenient for his age. Besides painting, give your child a lot of time for drawing cutting (using child–safe scissors), gluing using play dough, which are really good for his fine muscles.
  • Sorting activities are good for eye-hand coordination too. You can give your child an assortment of big grains or button or beads which will keep him busy for a long time. If, however, you feel that he is likely to put these into his mouth, you have to be there for supervision. Shape sorters are available in several brands and are really good for your child.
  • While you are chopping veggies, hand over a pea-pod to your tot and instruct him to open it, it will keep him busy for a long time and is a great activity for development of his fine motor skills. Your little tot can also help you mash potatoes and then tell daddy who cooked lunch that day.



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