Myths and facts of Mental Retardation

Myths: Mental retardation is a disease.

Facts: Mental retardation is a condition, not a disease.


Myths: If normal children are allowed to play with mentally retarded children, they will become mentally retarded.

Facts: Interaction between normal and mentally retarded children will definitely be advantageous for both, because mentally retarded children will improve their social skills and other children will understand them better.


Myths: Mental retardation is the result of karma, fate, black magic or evil eye and of solar eclipse during pregnancy or during time of birth.

Facts: Mental retardation is due to various causes, but not due to these.


Myths: The child will be normal again.

Facts: The child’s condition cannot be reversed completely.


Myths: A child with mental retardation can never learn anything and should lead a custodial life.

Facts: The child can be trained in a lot of skills. The teaching must be functionally based, in small simple steps, using child-specific learning tools and matched to the child’s needs and strengths.



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