Nutrition and Lactation counselling for Lactating (Breastfeeding) Mothers

Breastfeeding is a natural phenomenon which provides numerous benefits to not just the baby but also to the mother let it be medical or psychological/emotional benefits.


The physiological stress of increased nutrient demands makes lactating mothers at risk to develop health problems. To combat the health hazards and to answer questions regarding nutrition and lactation, we have started this package wherein all your doubts, and myths regarding nutrition of lactating mothers will be cleared and we will also help you with providing complete lactation support.


This package comprises of a total 3 sessions:


1st two sessions includes consultation, counselling regarding nutrition requirement of Lactating Mother along with counselling as to how to breastfeed the new born. Model diet chart+advice on nutritional supplements+clearing of myths regarding nutrition and lactation. 3rd session will be follow up.


*Package will be valid for 45 days from the date of 1st session.


Call us @ (080) 41145816 for further information and registration.


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