Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapy not only helps children to develop the underlying skills necessary for learning and performing specific tasks, but also addresses social and behavioral skills. It can facilitate child’s self-concept and confidence. Pediatric occupational therapy helps children develop the basic sensory awareness and motor skills needed for motor development, learning and healthy behavior. Occupational therapists not only work directly with the child, but also with families, parents, caregivers and teachers in order to educate and reinforce specific skills and behaviors which will be used to improve and facilitate the child’s performance and functioning.


Dr. Geeta (Occupational Therapist)


With years of experience, she provides rehabilitation program for ADHD, Autism, Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, Delayed Developmental Milestone, Learning Disability and other physical and mentally challenged kids. Her key area of focus are Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Co-ordination, ADL, Perception, Cognition, Play, Praxia, Sensory, Pre-writing skill, Evaluation and Treatment Planning. She also provides environmental modification enabling children to live independently.  




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