Occupational Therapy for Children with Sensory / Motor / Co-ordination Issues.

Occupational Therapy helps a child become functionally independent in his daily routine such as self care, academics and social skills.Occupational therapy involves all areas of development and learning:   


  • Gross and Fine Motor skills.
  • Cognitive Perceptual skills: Attention and concentration, memory, comprehending information, logical reasoning, problem solving, understanding concept of shape, size, etc.
  • Sensory Integration: Ability to accept, sort out or put together and respond to inputs received from the environment such as sound, light , touch, taste, smell , balance and pressure and movement.
  • Visual Motor skills: Abilities like copying.
  • Motor Planning skills: Ability to plan and sequence motor tasks e.g. imitating
  • Oral Motor skills: Coordinated movement of muscles in the mouth, lips, tongue and jaw to help in feeding and speech.
  • Play skills
  • Socio-Emotional skills: Ability to interact and adapt to people around.
  • Activities of daily living: Independence in self-care, academics.


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