Parent Counsultant/Coach


Parent Coach/Consultant is a highly trained, caring professional with an in-depth background of education and experiences who:

  • listens deeply and non-judgmentally,
  • asks you questions you may not have been thinking about,
  • gives you new, relevant information for your particular parenting challenge, and
  • offers you specific suggestions to help you implement new attitudes and strategies in your life for yourself and for your children.


During one-hour coaching conversations, a Parent Coach helps you discover constructive ways to address a situation that may be causing you some concern, assists you in identifying your goals, and helps you with designing action steps to attain them.


A Parent Coach encourages you to discover and address stresses and challenges that may be impacting you and your children, helping you evaluate the systems you have in place that are already supportive and then guiding you to tap into them more efficiently.


Fathima Khader  (Parent Consultant)


Fathima brings with her close to 10 years of experience in the education sector working extensively with children, teachers and parents in areas of life skills training, personal development and child behaviour management. She has innumerable training hours of working with children on issues concerning academics, relationships, temperament and has trained management students on communication, Interpersonal skills and Public speaking.


She has also conducted workshops for children on personal safety - Safe, Unsafe and confusing touch, sexuality education, exam anxieties and health & wellness. A teacher trainer and a parent coach who now works with families to create a happy fulfilling environment at home and classroom. Believes that relationships are connected by soul and Interpersonal challenges are dealt with both the mind & the heart.


A passionate life skills facilitator she headed the Life Skills training division of EduMedia India Pvt. Ltd. for over 5 years after which she successfully handled sales and marketing of one their innovative products- School Cinema for 3 years. She has in the past started and managed a family run manufacturing industry in Bangalore, before joining EduMedia. She is a commerce graduate with a specialisation in Import & Export Management.


Being spiritual person, she has undergone training programs on Transactional Analysis, Emotional freedom techniques, Family Counselling, Life Skills, human sexuality, personal safety and NLP. She loves theatre and uses this to educate parents and teachers about the important lessons of life, highlighting the impact they have on a child. She has also conducted training programs outside India and trained teachers and parents in the Middle East.


She is a certified parent coach under the Responsible Childcare Course and extensively conducts childcare programs for parents and childcare providers across corporates and schools and founder of, EvolveEd. She is a parent consultant, works closely with educators and holds an international, Mastery certification in Parent coaching from ACPI (CA).






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