Pediatrician, Life Skill Trainer & NLP Practitioner


Dr Gowher Yusuf (Pediatrician)


With 6 years of training/clinical experience, currently she is the consultant Pediatrician, Managing Director and Cordinator of our Center. Our main link between the parents and the therapist who visit our clinic. Believes in “Prevention is better than Cure”, hence has launched Programs like Preventive Healthcare, Anaemia/Asthma Screening, Back to School Comprehensive Check-ups and Growth and Development Assessment. She also specialises in Pediatric and Adolescent Obesity, Eating Disorder in Infants & Children and Bed-Wetting In children (above 6 years). Has also worked as a Honorary Consultant in an Orphanage and conducted free Health camps in underprivileged schools.

Presently she has completed Certificate in Life Skills Training and NLP Practitioner course. She is conducting Life Skills Workshop for children and teenagers using activities, creativity and NLP approach.

Life skills are the skills we need to deal effectively with the challenges in everyday life, whether at school, at work or in our personal lives. 

Pediatricians are the first point of contact when parents have concerns about their child's development or behavior. They provide recommendations for screening infants and young children to identify developmental delays and disabilities. Whether a problem is medical, developmental or behavioral, timely unearthing and treating it can greatly improve the child's likelihood of accomplishing his or her full potential for physical, mental and social-emotional well-being. They are an critical part of a combined effort of a family-centered system of care where they refer the child and family to a therapist for further assessment and therapy such as to a psychologist, occupational therapist etc.


Life skills based education :


1. Help in the development of social competence and problem solving skills, which in turn help children & Teens to form their own identity.

3. Promote positive social norms that have an impact the children’s  & Teens’s health services, schools, and family.

4. Promote the development of positive self-esteem and anger control.

5. Empathy can help children & Teens to understand and accept others who may be very different form them, which can improve social interactions.

6. Self-awareness  can help children & Teens to recognize when they are stressed or feel under pressure.

7. Critical thinking contributes to decision making and problem solving by enabling children & Teens to explore available options.

Other than the ten core skills  as numerated by WHO, other skills like management of sleep, anger, time  are also very important for our daily living.


Life Skills Education is not just restricted to children and Teenagers but also can be taught  to Parents, Teachers.


What is NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)?

From the baby blues, through the terrible twos and the trying teens, allow NLP to be your guide through the more challenging times so you can enjoy your children for who they are and allow yourself to be the best parent you can be!

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) teaches children to use their brain (Neuro) effectively, right from the start, use language to understand and  express themselves, (Linguistic) and NLP gives them the best strategies for their future in life (Programming). When you as a parent, carer or teacher, support your children with NLP you are helping them in the following ways:

  • you learn how to help your children to become superb learners;
  • you learn how to make sure your children have confidence and high self esteem;
  • you learn how to teach your children so they achieve their goals easily;
  • you learn how to make your children sociable and understanding;
  • you learn how to help your kids maintain their mental and physical health throughout their lives

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