Play Stages for your Baby’s Learning


It is time to feel...
From birth
Smile at your baby often 
Cuddle and hug your baby 
Play with your baby
18-24 months
Your baby will show feelings of being happy, angry or sad
2-3 years  
Plays next to other children 
Encourage make-believe play 
It is time to move about...
3-5 months
Moves arms and legs 
Rolls from side to side
6-9 months
Sits and hold toys
9-12 months
Crawls and pulls to stand
Stands holding on
1-2 years
Stands alone, walks, squats to play
2-3 years
Runs, climbs stairs up and down, pulls large toys, throws/kicks ball
It is time to play... 
3-6 months
Reaches out for cubes/ toys (toys that make sounds like rattles)
Passes cube from hand to hand
6-12 months
Plays with various hand toys
10-15 months
Enjoys games like pat-a-cake/peek-a boo
15-24 months
Build tower of 2-3 cubes, post shapes, scribbles
2-3 years
Builds train of cubes, draws and threads beads 
It is time to talk...
From birth
Responds to sounds
3-6 months
Make sounds; look at your baby’s eyes
9 months
‘Peek a Boo’ games; encourage babble
15-18 months
Looks at picture books and uses single words
2-3 years
Points and names pictures
Uses more words, puts words together and asks questions 

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