Potential benefits of probiotics

Probiotics are good bacteria. We all have good bacteria lining the insides of our gastro-intestinal tract. they are an important part of balanced intestinal function. The main benefits of consuming good bacteria are enhanced immune functioning and improved digestion and alleviating infectious diseases in children.

  • Diarrhoea: - Many studies have found that certain probiotic strains can inhibit the growth and adhesion of a range of enteropathogens (especially Salmonella). In addition, traveller’s diarrhoea due to bacterial infection has been benefited by probiotic use. In addition antibiotic associated diarrhoea may also be benefited by probiotic.
  • Helicobacter pylori infection: - Good bacteria can inhibit the growth of H.pylori and decrease urease enzyme activity necessary for the pathogen to remain in the acidic environment of stomach.
  • Inflammatory bowel disease: - Limited studies have supported the potential role of probiotics in therapy and prophylaxis in inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn's disease.
  • Cancers: - Members of the gut flora can produce nitrosamines which is carcinogenic. There is preliminary evidence that probiotics can prevent or delay onset of certain cancers by modifying the flora leading to decreased carcinogen levels.
  • Immunity: - In elderly population, the dietary consumption of B. lactis HN019 and L. rhamnosus HN001 have demonstrated, enhancement of immune parameters. 
  • Allergy: - In clinical studies on infants allergic to cow's milk, atopic dermatitis was alleviated by ingestion of probiotic strains L. rhamnosus GG and B. lactis BB-12.
  • Heart disease: - Preliminary evidence suggests that lactobacilli may help in prevention and aid in therapy of ischemic heart disease.
  • Urogenital tract infections: - Probiotics delivered as food and topical preparations may have a role in preventing urogenital tract infections as well as treatment of bacterial vaginosis and vaginal candidiasis.



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