Shapedown for Pediatric Obesity

Family Based Programme to Manage Overweight Problems in Children and Adolescents (6 to 19 years old). Such programs are the only kind that has shown long term effectiveness in scientific studies. The program can be highly effective with weight loss maintained at even 10-year follow-up. No other method has shown effectiveness in scientific studies.




Focuses on Activity, Eating Style, Emotional & Behavioural components of Obesity.


SHAPEDOWN DESCRIPTION: Duration: 10 weeks Activities: Family time, separate child and adult session, physical activity. Sessions are fun, supportive and stimulating.


Goals: Improve diet and exercise behavior, feelings, communication. Weight loss of no more than 1 pound per week to protect growth and development, prevent the dieting psychology, decrease binge eating, and avoid a reduction in metabolic rate and loss of lean body tissue.


Expected results: The effectiveness of SHAPEDOWN has been proven; however, there are no guarantees about how effective it will be for you. Results vary. Families that are willing to change a lot, change a lot. The families that prefer not to face problems and make change will not change much. You will get what you give.SHAPEDOWN is a family-based program for children’s weight.


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