Special Educator

Special Education is a form of learning provided to children with exceptional needs, such as those with learning disabilities/mental challenges/who have difficulty in their academic performance. Special Education addresses problems in reading, writing, spelling, math and difficulties the child may face in relating, recalling and responding to even newly learnt information. It involves specialized teaching methodologies, specific learning strategies and interesting learning material that provides the child an easier way to learn and become independent.


Mrs. R.K.Chitra (Special Educator/Counsellor)


Has 11yrs of teaching and counselling experience in various special schools as Head of the school and as a resource teacher/counsellor/special educator in Air force school for special children, school for underprivileged children (Guru Harkrishen) and school for inclusive education (Asha kiran) respectively, also worked in an orphanage as a volunteer. Job involves teaching children and adults of various categories of challenges, (cognitive disability, severe dyslexic with ADHD, autistic and children who were emotionally disturbed) planning curriculum, counselling parents and children, organizing seminars etc. At present, working as a visiting therapist for special children.


Mrs Chitra also works as a Counsellor and specializes in marital and pre-marital counselling

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