Speech and Language Therapist

Speech and language therapists (SLTs) are allied health professionals, who work closely with parents, carers and other professionals, such as teachers, nurses, occupational therapists and doctors.


Speech and language therapists work with children and adolescents who suffer from:


  • feeding and swallowing difficulties
  • mild, moderate or severe learning difficulties
  • physical disabilities
  • language delay
  • specific language impairment
  • specific difficulties in producing sounds
  • hearing impairment
  • cleft palate
  • stammering
  • autism/social interaction difficulties
  • dyslexia
  • voice disorders
  • selective mutism


Mrs. Krupa Saira George ( Speech Language Pathologist)


Armed with clinical knowledge and expereince in handling vrious childhood communication disorder, fluency/articulation/voice disorder. Also skilled in performing assessment, counseling & intervention of various conditions associated with special needs children like ASD,  ADHD, cerebral palsy, & learning disability.She also has sound knowledge about assessment & management of auditory disorders like congenital & acquired hearing Impairment, auditory maturation delay etc.



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