Television watching: food association, obesity

Some children tend to associate food with TV and many times refuse to eat without the TV. This leads to serious behavioural issues and mealtime tensions. Not only that children who eat only in front of the screen do not learn to regulate their feeding habits ie. they do not recognize their hunger cues and do not realise as to when their stomach is full. This too leads to issues pertaining to eating.


Children, who watch TV excessively tend to put on weight as they are inactive, tend to snack (unhealthy food and empty calorie soft drinks). These children are so much absorbed into their favourite shows that they do not pay attention to their inner cues and hence tend to eat more which in turn leads to weight gain.




·         Form an early age parents should make it a habit to switch off all screens at mealtime.

·         Food should be served only at the dining table.

·         No distractions should be allowed during mealtime.

·         Parents themselves should model healthy eating behaviour in front of their children, as children learn by seeing not    




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