What are pre-writings skills?

All too often, young children are given writing tools to use before they are ready for them. Young children from three to five years of age use their hands to explore and learn about the environment and themselves. By developing good hand skills and other pre-writing skills you will prepare your child for the next step, which is writing. Working on hand skills will also assist older children who are experiencing writing difficulties.


What are the pre-writing skills?


Hand skills refer to the strength and the dexterity (how well we can handle small objects) in our hands. Both depend on how we use the small muscles of our hands. However, we also need the muscles in our forearm to provide strength and stability. In fact, we often must coordinate and use both types of muscles to do things such as holding and using a pencil, using scissors, managing buttons, handling coins and using various utensils for eating. The thumb, index and middle fingers carry out the skilled movements while the ring and baby fingers provide stability and increase strength. It is also important to develop strength and control in the upper body and shoulders so we can steady ourselves. This gives us the freedom to use our hands to manipulate and control objects in a very precise manner.

Good sensory information is important for hand skills, as it tells our brain what we feel, how we move and where our hands are as we do a task. The brain must coordinate these sensations with what we see so we can make small changes for precise coordination and muscle control. Children need to receive and coordinate accurate sensory information when developing pre-writing skills.


Our team of occupational therapist can help your child develop these skills, so kindly call us for further queries and registrations. 



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