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         ·   Provide sufficient space and materials which allow the child to have many play options and hence reduce conflict.

VITAMIN A/BETA-CAROTENE Liver, butter, cheese, eggs, sweet potato, carrots, dried apricots, buckwheat, dark green vegetables


VITAMIN C Citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, sprouted seeds, black currants, tomatoes, peppers


VITAMIN B6 Avocados, bananas, carrots, lentils brown rice, tuna, shrimp, salmon



Amy McCready. 


“I’m so proud!”  “What a good girl!” “You are SO talented!”

So, there are worse things to say to your child – right?

On a scale of 1-10, how energised are you feeling these days? Are you finding that you have plenty to give, or are you feeling sapped, tired, or even resentful a lot of the time? If your answer is leaning towards the latter, then it may well be that you’re giving away all your energy without keeping any in reserve for your own needs.


All too often, young children are given writing tools to use before they are ready for them. Young children from three to five years of age use their hands to explore and learn about the environment and themselves. By developing good hand skills and other pre-writing skills you will prepare your child for the next step....

ADD and ADHD are psychiatric disorders characterized by inattentiveness or hyperactivity and compulsiveness which hinder a child's academic or social performance. Because there is not yet an objective clinical test to confirm ADD or ADHD, the diagnosis is based on a set of subjective symptoms. If children exhibit any six of nine characteristics in either category, they are labelled ADD or ADHD. In an effort to help children who are struggling at school because of their short attention spans, many parents, teachers, and health care providers make the assumption that these children have ADD...


Extremely happy with services. Calm and nice place as well friendly doctor.

Mrs. Suchitra Ramesh
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