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Anemia is a major nutritional global problem of immense public health significance, affecting persons of all ages, sex and economic group. It is ranked as the commonest chronic malady of mankind. It is a pathologic condition where hemoglobin level becomes abnormally low because of low essential nutrients

What is allergic rhinitis?

Bouts of sneezing, called allergic rhinitis is a medical terminology, is one of the commonest forms of allergy. It may occur in children or in older people, but, mostly, it occurs among young adults. Males and females are equally affected by it. The symptoms may be......

Activities and toys which can be used to enhance vision development in children; try them out:

A diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) presents numerous challenges to families– challenges related to learning, to physical and social development, and sleep. It’s estimated that anywhere from 40% - 80% of ASD children have significant sleeping issues related to their diagnosis. Unfortunately, there’s no specific, easily-identified reason why children with ASD are more likely to have difficulty sleeping.....

What is Learning disability?

Learning disabilities are a neurological disorder. Normally the brain receives, processes, analyses and stores the information. But in these children, memory sequencing is a problem. The child’s brain is unable to store information. These problems can make it difficult for a student to learn as quickly as someone who.....

Why does eating these foods cause problems?

In the early 1980s, a number of researchers, studied urine samples from groups of autistic children. The urine of some of these children was found to contain two peptides, formed from incompletely broken-down proteins in gluten (found in wheat, barley, rye, and cross-contaminated oats) and casein (found in milk). In essence these children were behaving like morphine addicts.

Many ASD children are suspected to suffer from a permeable intestinal tract, more commonly called a “leaky gut.” When these children ingest foods containing gluten and casein.......


Great Session. Many Thanks! (Mrs. Rennie Dutta)

Informative & Good Session. Felt good sharing experience and views.(Mrs. Ruksana Sheriff)

A postive session! Good suggestions, guidelines given. (Dr. Shaheen Yusuf)

A good & informative session. (Mr. Dhinakar)

Need of the hour. Thank You, Pebbles n Pearls! (Mr Pankanj Sharma)

Session was very informative, thank you doctor for making me a part of this session. (Mrs.Sonia Sharma)

It was a great session and helped me to differentiate my "already doing" kinda activities & " to be doing" kinda activities. Thanks a lot. (Mr.Karthik Kumar)



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