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The 1ST 2 years of life is a time of rapid and dramatic postnatal brain development. During this period there are several changes that take place in the growing brain; neural plasticity, acquisition of cognitive development i.e. working memory, attention etc. Also, children have spoken vocabulary increases significantly during this period and they gain greater motor coordination, and they are able to engage in tasks for longer periods.........

It is not only your children should protected for the life threatening disease but you as their parents also should. Kindly discuss with you doctor for the same.

Any dose of the below mentioned vaccines if not administered at the recommended age should be administered at a subsequent visit, when indicated and feasible. The use of a combination vaccine generally preferred over separate injections of its equivalent component vaccines.

Experts have long known that children imitate many of the deeds — good and bad — that they see on television. But it has rarely been shown that changing a young child’s viewing habits at home can lead to improved behaviour.

Color selection can influence mood and behavior, stimulate the brain and body and even affect one’s health. Scientific studies have also found that exposure to certain colors can improve sleep habits, increase memory power and even enhance academic performance - excellent benefits for growing minds and bodies.

Come on teenagers stop sitting around complaining and brooding over things you do not have, but start recognizing the potentials, the tools you have. You just need to appreciate and take a step forward. You can realize your dreams only you want.


Great Session. Many Thanks! (Mrs. Rennie Dutta)

Informative & Good Session. Felt good sharing experience and views.(Mrs. Ruksana Sheriff)

A postive session! Good suggestions, guidelines given. (Dr. Shaheen Yusuf)

A good & informative session. (Mr. Dhinakar)

Need of the hour. Thank You, Pebbles n Pearls! (Mr Pankanj Sharma)

Session was very informative, thank you doctor for making me a part of this session. (Mrs.Sonia Sharma)

It was a great session and helped me to differentiate my "already doing" kinda activities & " to be doing" kinda activities. Thanks a lot. (Mr.Karthik Kumar)



Feedback from the Workshop on "Empower your child againt Abuse (10th Jan 2015)

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