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Would you like a clear picture of the actions and feelings that affect your being overweight?

We all have emotions, they are very important part of all humans and we wouldn’t want to get rid of them even if we could. Learning to manage our emotions means becoming more aware of our feelings and figuring out what to do with them so that we do not hurt ourselves or others. It also means learning to put up with our emotions....

Healthy eating is eating what you want when you are hungry and stopping when you are full. You recognize what you crave and let your body have what it needs, including a balance of fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy products, and carbohydrates. You allow yourself treats for special occasions or just because you feel like it sometimes. You don’t deprive yourself of any food group or particular food because you think it is “bad”....

The Depression Survey will help you discover if you are depressed. But before you take this survey, answer the following questions. Have you been?

Feeling like killing yourself?
Making plans as to how you will kill yourself?....

Do you think your teen may be suffering from Anxiety? These are some warning signs that your teen might need help.....


I felt comfortable

I felt comfortable. It is good to know about our body parts and touches. Now that we know, we can be alert and approach our trusted ones.

I did find it very helpful. It was comfortable, good, I understood it fully. It was beneficial.

It was very beneficial. We understood about good and bad touch and that whenever we experience bad touch we should never keep it a "secret", but tell our elders whom we trust.


Feedback from the Good Touch & Bad Touch Workshop

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