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Pebbles n Pearls Newsletter – January 2016



(Dedicated to Special needs kids and their Mothers)



My mother thought I was different,

when I would shy away and would avoid her gaze,

she said I was different, when I didn’t coo and babble,

all the time withdrawn, happy in my own world,

but would cry endlessly; even at the sound of a pin drop

a loving touch, a caress was irritating to me,

so my mother thought that something was not right

concerned; she took me to the doctor,

who also believed that I was different, said; I was a special needs child,

that I was Autistic and that’s what I would be, an Autistic.


Autism brought my mother’s world crashing down,

this meant she now was a mother of a differently abled child

this meant she needed to set her emotions right

wipe her tears off, redefine her strengths, her faith

learn new skills, learn to accept, endure, embrace....

prepare herself for the long, tedious journey with Autism,

with all it’s ups and downs and it’s meltdowns

even though Autism changed her life forever,

touched her in all possible ways, she never for once complained

I say hats off to my mother who did it all.


I, have grown up into a young boy,

who still carries the burden of “Autism” on his shoulder

who wants to say so much, wants to express his unheard feelings

but words fail him; it seems that he is disconnected, in mind and body

alphabets fly around, social cues he does not understand

he fails to fit in with his peers, he is awkward and clumsy

but there are times; he feels he is a light in a dark space

he wants a way out, wants to be heard; not just seen,

wants to be understood and have a voice of his own,

he wants to say; “Hi, I am a Human, just like you.”



Dr Gowher Yusuf






What if I tell my 2 or 3 year old 'you don't have to eat' and they take it to heart and don't eat anything and they're hungry all the time. What if they really don't eat?"


To take care of this concern, we need to look at what's going on before or after the meal. Is your child grazing through most of the day? Maybe not having enough of a break between the last meal and this meal or the last snack and this meal? Maybe they're just not hungry? It's not uncommon for toddlers to just kind of not be hungry by dinner time. They've eaten enough during the day even if it's been small amounts here and there, and they're done eating for the night or at that point.


Here are a few more possible reasons they do not eat their dinner. It might be too late and they might be just tired by dinner time. Just grumpy and tired and not ready to be relaxed enough to eat. Maybe they’ve got more wiggles and they need to run around more--they've been cooped up all day. Maybe there's something else going on and they just need some time and attention. Maybe they need some help transitioning to the table. So we have to look at what's happening before the mean and what’s going on after the meal to effectively troubleshoot.


Realistically, aside from a medical problem, kids will eat. They might skip one dinner here and there or most dinners. But they won’t skip meal after meal after meal. And if they do, there’s something more to look into. But even if there was something deeper going on, even a medical issue that still would rarely necessitate requiring bites or micromanaging every morsel they put in their mouths.



Issues with feeding your kids feel free to contact us @ 41154816


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Extremely happy with services. Calm and nice place as well friendly doctor.

Mrs. Suchitra Ramesh
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